The Perfect Fit by Tim Konings: blue custom suit

Who ever said the clothes make the man? He or she was right. Because if you feel good in your outfit, you will radiate it. Which costume is your favorite, your Perfect Fit? Co-founder Tim Konings shows his.

“I obviously have many suits, but my plain blue custom suit, in stretch fabric, remains one of my favorites. A blue suit is truly timeless and should be in every man's closet. I have had this costume for almost 2 years now and have already had a lot of fun with it. And it still looks very good.”

You see and feel quality

“What I love about this suit is the fit. The costume is made of stretch fabric, which is extremely comfortable and does not hinder your movements. Quality should not only be seen, but also felt. The costume also has a very nice shine, not too much but just enough.”

1 costume, many wearing options

“I wear this costume in different ways and for different occasions. It is also perfect for that. I sometimes wear the cardigan on its own more casually with jeans and sneakers underneath. But in warmer weather I sometimes dare to leave the cardigan at home and just wear the trousers with a shirt.”

“I also have a waistcoat with this suit, for special occasions such as a wedding. And a white pochette is a must for me. A tie immediately makes the outfit more festive. Especially if you choose one in a more striking color, such as pink. That's what's so handy about this costume: you can combine it with almost any other color from your wardrobe.”

Haven't found your Perfect Fit yet? Suitify introduces you to the feeling of a perfect suit.

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