Suitify's boutique on wheels brings personal tailoring to your door

Brothers Tim and Roel Konings bring the experience of a personal tailor to your front door with Suitify. They converted a truck into a boutique on wheels where customers can try on their suits or other clothing and have themselves fully measured. Seven days later they deliver the custom-made outfits to your home. “We want to combine the quality and expertise of a tailor with the speed and ease of use of online retailers."

What makes Suitify so unique? Roel Konings: “Our expertise and quality are one thing. Tim has been active in the sector for many years and runs his own men's boutique in Beringen. But with Suitify we literally go to our customers and deliver the finished clothing to their home within seven days. That is unique and incredibly fast in the world of personal tailoring.”

Tim Konings: “The Suitify truck is just as well equipped as the better men's boutique. High-quality fabrics and materials, buttons, shoes, ties, belts... We have everything at home to dress a man from head to toe. We have standard suits in our range that we tailor to the customer's specifications. Or we start from scratch and design a tailor-made suit that meets his wishes down to the last detail. We not only sell costumes, but also what we casual chic name: jeans, cardigans, sweaters and dress sneakers. All of high quality and fully finished.”

Extra service in less time

Tim and Roel believe they have found the gap in the market with Suitify. Tim: “Many men don't like shopping or simply don't have enough time for it. But they do want to appear well-groomed. Whether that is in their private time, business life or for occasions such as a wedding.”

“Online shopping is not a solution, because you cannot simply buy perfectly fitting clothing online. A good costume is pinned and adjusted to your body. Otherwise you're not talking about one size suit. Suitify is the best of both worlds .” Roel: “We take a lot of time for our customers, but they still save time because they don't have to travel. And that for a price that is more in line with the prices of online shops, and which we communicate openly on our website.”

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