'Suitify' storms the costume market with competitive prices in the first concept store in Hasselt

After 3 years of touring with a mobile boutique, Hasselt resident Tim Konings is settling in his own city. Even in the troubled Diesterstraat. “We're in a perfect spot,” Tim laughs. “Near other beautiful clothing stores and perfectly accessible.”

With a mobile boutique by appointment, Tim sold tailor-made suits and city clothes throughout Flanders during corona times. “Today, this range is being significantly expanded in a permanent store. We start in a pop-up,” says Tim Konings. “The range of suits is increasing and jeans are being added, among other things.

“We are known for being a bit unruly,” Tim laughs. “While e-commerce is bombarding retail, we are opening our first physical store in Diesterstraat in Hasselt. There we are surrounded by shops in our niche of high-quality city clothing. However, we will distinguish ourselves by significantly lowering the price with our high-quality offering. We offer our products at chain prices but with retail quality. All our suits cost 295 euros, a blazer 125 euros and jeans 85 euros. We want to dress men from head to toe at an affordable price.”

“Because we skip the wholesalers, we obviously have to make a larger investment in stock and marketing. That is why we can also promote our own 'Suitify' label and we want to quickly open additional physical stores in our segment, but always in the immediate vicinity of the competition. And we are simultaneously developing a completely new webshop.”

Suitify, Diesterstraat 3 in Hasselt. Open every working day from 10 am to 6 pm

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