The perfect work outfit: casual or dressed? 4 style tips

How do you dress when you have a meeting with customers or prospects? When do you go completely in costume and when do you opt for a more casual look? We give you 4 style tips for the perfect work outfit.

Wear what you feel good in

Crucial: wear clothes that make you feel good, because that has an impact on your self-confidence. And believe us: you can see that from the outside too. Choose clothing that reflects who you are.

Dress for your position

The position you perform may come with a dress code or certain expectations. Although fortunately those standards have faded over the years.

To give two examples: in the legal profession, suits are often still a popular choice. The same goes for many CEOs. The advantages for them are that a tailor-made suit stimulates and radiates self-confidence and professionalism. What fits their function.

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Dress according to your customer

Who is sitting across the table from you? Adjusting your clothing to your customer or prospect is a good idea. A tight tailored suit versus a casual outfit can feel like a divide in certain situations, while you may want to build a relationship of trust. Or a tailor-made suit gives your appearance extra authority and expertise, which is a plus in other situations.

Choose the golden mean and combine to your heart's content

Can both a corporate and casual style appeal to you? Then feel free to combine. This is now perfectly possible in many work situations. Mix jeans with a shirt and blazer, wear sneakers under your dress pants…

Because we believe in a mix of styles, you will find both tailor-made suits and casual clothing, custom-made, in our Suitify stores. In short: everything to put together your ideal work outfits.

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